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Content last updated on: April 20, 2013



This website contains information on Schnitzler syndrome for health professionals and scientists, references on Schnitzler syndrome, information for patients and links. It is an initiative of Anna Simon, Heleen de Koning and Jos WM van der Meer, of the department of General Internal Medicine at the Radboud University Medical Center Nijmegen, The Netherlands.


Our interest in Schnitzler syndrome was raised after encountering a patient, and discovering the difficulty of finding the right treatment. You can read more about our research group here. The cause of Schnitzler syndrome is still enigmatic. Also, little is known about its prognosis. Diagnosis is often delayed because symptoms are not recognized.


The main goals of this site include:

  • To offer information on Schnitzler syndrome for physicians and scientists
  • To increase awareness and knowledge of this rare syndrome among people
  • To collect data on Schnitzler syndrome in an International Registry
  • To offer information on Schnitzler syndrome for patients and for others interested


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